A New Year - An Update

Well last time I attempted to start my blog, I had some serious life issues come into play. My photography was set on the back burner and I was focusing on just making it through last year! Towards the end of 2016, things started coming back together and now we're set to push forward!

There's been many photoshoots over the past few months and this excites me. While my initial project fell through due to issues between my model and I, I do have multiple things planned still for this year.

I've redefined how I do business and am working to serve my clients from the beginning to the end of our exchanges, and am now offering quality prints to display in your homes!

With 2017 starting off strong, I am confident that we can work to make an amazing year with even more amazing photographs and memories to come!


Below you can see some of my favorite photographs from recent shoots and hopefully soon one of these photographs could be you!